The Residential Tower

Modern Apartments


Erstad Architects



Commercial/Retail Leasing & Management:


The Residential Tower will be an 18-story, 111-unit, mixed-use condominium building, complete with roof decks at the 9th and 10th floors, and a 9th floor fitness deck. The northeast quadrant of the site will be an open public plaza, a continuation of the Boardwalk plaza across 41st street. The dynamic building form draws inspiration from the natural effects of the flow of the Boise River. The curved and terraced façades mimic the striations of the river carving away its banks. Parking for residents will take place in an automated parking garage integrated into the building design. We intend to work with the city and the local artist community to develop a graphic that reflects the history, spirit, or culture of Garden City, which can be screened or etched into the wall panels cladding the garage.