Adams Street Apartments

Adams Street Apartments is a six-story, 16-unit apartment development with internal parking and a leasing center. The building is designed to have a strong visual tie to the adjacent 408 Place development to the north, utilizing similar materials and façade treatments. The primary materials will be wood tone composite panels in two shades, and white stucco. The building is designed to maximize use of the site, while also stepping down along Adams Street, to reduce the apparent height to four stories at the street elevation.



Design Team:



Erstad Architects

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Vida properties are suitable for long term and short term rental. We are located in the Garden City center facing Green Belt areas.

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After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Mike worked with Kenneth Leventhal, CPA’s and ultimately became the comptroller at Daon Development / BCED (Bell Canada Enterprises Development), a multi-billion dollar Real Estate firm. In 1989, he started his own development company.

Inspired by his father and brother, both home builders, he developed and built multiple residential communities throughout Orange and San Diego Counties between 1989 and 2002. He then tried his hand at hotel ownership in Las Vegas. For 18 years he was the owner-operator of a 225-room Hotel property in the bustling area between the Strip and the LV Convention Center. Mike also had the opportunity to build and operate a 200-unit gated apartment complex on 11 acres in North Las Vegas.

Seeking a new frontier, he relocated to Boise in 2018. Mike holds a commercial IFR multi-engine pilot license and enjoys fishing, e-biking, cooking, gardening, golfing, spending time with his wife, Cindy and being Dad to grown sons, Nathan and Jack.