Lou Earlabough


Lou grew up on a ranch outside of Cushing, Oklahoma. Spending his days with his studies, playing sports and riding horses, Lou went on to earn his degree in business from Oklahoma State. After graduation, Lou spent time as a marketing representative with the Armstrong Cork Company before entering the world of real estate and home building. The concrete industry eventually caught Lou’s attention and after more than 10 years of serving as a V.P. and General Manager for Standard Concrete, upon being recruited in 1981, Lou and his wife purchased a concrete plant in Montebellow, California in 1993, selling the plant in 2011.

Subsequently, Lou and Mike Talbott, having been friends for many years, became partners in a small Las Vegas hotel and condominium project. After the sale of the hotel, Lou and Mike established Vida Properties and are excited to contribute to Garden City’s growing popularity and vitality.